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Over the course of his career he has represented thousands of clients. Most cases are settled without trial, presenting the facts in the most favorable but honest manner, to show that the client is improperly charged, is in need of treatment of some sort or that he or she is less responsible than the prosecutor is alleging. Michael has been successful in trials where dismissal or a reasonable plea could not be obtained before trial. Michael's experience in criminal defense is vast and includes a range of charges from murder, assault and drug crimes to driving while intoxicated, family offenses and Criminal Court summonses.

Michael is experienced in dealing with child support and visitation matters in Family Court where the primary issue is the well being of the child. The goal in all child support and visitation matters is reaching an accommodation that is reasonable for the parents but always remembers that the real issue is proper and loving concern for the children.

Michael Connolly is very experienced in appellate law and makes for the ideal attorney if you are thinking of appealing the verdict of your court ruling. On appeal, the issue is not guilt or innocence, since the presumption of innocence ends with a jury finding of guilty, but whether errors at trial prevented you from having your cases fairly and justly judged by the judge and jury, such as allowing evidence that would influence a jury even though it has nothing to do with the facts of this case. This requires a reading of the record to determine if the evidence presented was properly admitted, or should have been excluded for some lawful reason, whether the jury was properly charged with the law that flowed from the evidence and whether any fair reading of the charges, the evidence and the law given to the jury would allow a reasonable jury to reach this verdict. This requires a lawyer who is familiar with the law from an appeals viewpoint and who knows how the facts and law should be presented to an appellate court.


• St. John’s University School of Law


• Irish Legal 100 – 2011